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Needed to process your order:

1.  The diameter or your propeller ?   (1 thru 100) inches.

2.  The total number of blades ?     (1 thru 12) .

3.  The direction of rotation when viewed from the back, clockwise or counter clockwise ? (standing behind the propeller and looking forward, most U.S. Propellers turn clockwise) __________________ .

4.  The chord or width of the propeller at the .20 Reference Point ? _(1 thru 15)_ inches. The following is the measuring procedure to determine this:  Having made sure the ignition switch is OFF, standing behind the propeller to the right of the Hub, pull the propeller to a horizontal position so the Trailing Edge is actually facing upward.  Measure the distance of (.20 times the diameter), from the tip of the prop, toward the Hub along the Trailing Edge.  Using the fine Sharpie marking pen, make a small reference mark indicating that point on the Trailing Edge.  (Note:  Regarding the tip of the prop; if the tip is squared, measure from the square edge on the Trailing Edge and then along the Trailing Edge as best as can be achieved with respect to the possible slight curve in the edge itself.  If the tip of the prop is rounded, measure from the outermost rounded point of the tip in a straight line to the Trailing Edge.)  This .20 measurement is also used for positioning the UTARA during installation when you receive your Kit.  Measure the distance of the chord, or width, of the propeller blade from the Trailing Edge straight down to the Leading Edge at the .20 reference mark.

5.   Horsepower  ?   ( 1 thru 400)


 UTARA KIT PRICES for propellers with a diameter thru 100 inches :


Standard  (2)  Blade Prop      42.70

Standard  (3)  Blade Prop       53.12

Standard  (4)  Blade Prop       65.11


Each Kit includes one extra UTARA STRIP        

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