Testing our very first prototype

After conducting a seven year study of the Winged Seed, or “Samara”, the Bennett Botanical Propeller Company completed its first prototype.

Initially, the technology was designed to be implemented at the point of manufacture. After additional research, a system of attachable components was developed which would enable almost any existing conventional propeller to be easily retrofit to benefit from the original design.

After much planning, the first test trial was conducted in October of 2008 at Gardner Municipal Airport in Massachusetts.

The engine was started and began to accelerate. At an RPM of 1280, the propeller suddenly separated from the crankshaft and came crashing down. At first, the whole experiment seem to be a complete failure, but it quickly became clear the main prop bolt had failed because of how greatly the new technology had increased the thrust

Continuous testing and ongoing engineering culminated in a successful marketable design — the UTARA (Universal Thrust Autorotation Augmenter). [U.S. Patent File No. 61/403,510]

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